Christian County Museum & Historical Society
Circa 2009

The was the official website of the Christian County Museum & Historical Society in 2009. They did not have a telephone due to limited funds and hours. The museum was open by appointment, as well as on weekend afternoons from mid-April to mid- October. The Christian County Museum maintained a museum of Christian County artifacts and documents in the former Presbyterian Church building just northeast of the county square. Many early official county records for which the courthouse has no room such as older personal property tax records, land tax records, probate records, civil court lawsuits, school financial records, and non-real estate loans are housed in the museum. Historical Society members received a quarterly, Christian County Historian, containing information on the county. The content below is from the site's 2009 archived pages.

Christian County Museum & Historical Society
P O Box 442
Ozark, MO 65721.

The Christian County Museum is currently located at 202 E Church Street in Ozark MO.

The museum is open Sundays from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. April through October.
Other times by request.

Christian County Historical Society and Museum

202 E Church, P.O. Box 442

Ozark, MO 65721


Welcome to the Internet home of the ChristianCounty Museum and Historical Society.  We are committed to preserving, maintaining and sharing the rich heritage of Christian County Missouri. 


For those of you who have been asking about The Johanson’s (Sacred Fire Ministries) who performed at the Sesquicentennial, you can contact them at

We are now on Facebook under “Christian CountyMuseum and Historical Society.”


Christian County Historical Society
2009 Officers / Board of Directors
President - vacant
Vice President / Volunteer Coordinator – Linda Myers
Secretary – Culah Nixon
Treasurer – Avaline Harris
Property Management / Museum Curator – John Nixon
Webmaster / Facebook - vacant
2010 Officers / Board of Directors
(Will be elected December 2009. If interested in one of these positions, please contact us.)
President –
Vice President – 
Secretary – 
Treasurer – 
Property Management – 
Museum Curator –
Volunteer Coordinator –
Webmaster / Facebook – 
2009 Meetings
Unless otherwise specified, meetings will be 2:00 p.m. at the Christian County Library in Ozark.


1 March

Howard Hufford presents The History of the United States Flag. Jill Billings discusses some of the fundraising activities of the Ladies Auxiliary. There will be a presentation by Local 801 representatives regarding the Easter celebration activities and the involvement of the fire department.

7 June

MSU Professor Dr. Holly Jones will present finding of archeological digs in Christian County. Mary Mittman will show slides of her visit with the Morocan monks and her visit with the cathedral in the Abernath of Clemd.

13 September

Mabel Phillips, Christian County Librarian, will discuss the history of the Christian County Library, future Library plans and historical/genealogical resources available at the Library. Jill Billings discusses the controversy raised when the organization accepted revenue generated through the generosity of an internet affiliate site promoting online casinos offering slots for US players. Mainstream Christian belief has always viewed gambling as incompatible with the Bible's teaching. According to the 8th commandment there are three legitimate ways in which wealth may change hands: by giving, by working for it, or by genuine exchange. Playing slots for real money directly appeals to covetousness and greed “which is idolatry” according to the Apostle Paul (Colossians 3:5). Gambling breaks the 1st, 2nd and 10th commandments. It enthrones personal desires in place of God. Now some will say you can also play any of the slots at online casinos for free in “demo mode,” where you're using practice credits instead of real money. Is that also unacceptable. I think that question is really parsing the issue of playing at online casinos. The majority of folks who partake of online gambling are doing it for the the desire for gain, the desire for a thrill and the desire for competition. As Christians the moral and ethical issues are focused on the desire for gain. We are not blind to the fact that there may be even members in our community who occasionally visit online casinos, but that does not make it right or acceptable. Someone has raised the point: would we accept a donation from an individual who won money at playing slots or any other casino game at an online casino? We will deal with question if the situation ever arises. Meanwhile, most in the organization have complained that accepting money from any business involved in supporting online casinos has no place in this community. A vote will be held on this topic, but I believe in this case that the donation needs to be returned.

13 December

Election of Officers


Sesquicentennial Celebration

Courthouse Square, Ozark MO

23-25 May 2009


Sesquicentennial Sponsors

·Missouri Humanities Council

·Finley River Community Foundation

·Ozark Fire Protection District

·Ashwood Entertainment

·Nixa Christian Church

·All American Rental - Ozark


Thank you to the following performers, speakers, and dignitaries (listed in the order of appearance):

·Steps & Stages Danceroom

·Eddie Cox

·Nostalgia Vintage Apparel – Carolyn Miller

·Showtime Productions

·The Remnant

·The Johanson’s

·Johnny Doxx

·Kirckland & Bilyear

·Rev. Amber Mattingly

·David Applebee

·Human Anyway

·New Anointing

·Next of Kin

·John Grubaugh

·Joey Kyle

·Jay Wasson

·Roy Blunt

·Jim & Kim Lansford

·Oldfield Opry


School Competition – There were approximately 30 entries in the contest, however, several were disqualified due to not fitting the criteria of the contest. The qualifying entries are on display at the Christian County Museum. 

·Kindergarten – 3rd Grade Division

First Place – Madi McCoy

Second Place – Kameron Eakins

Third Place – Madison Reese

·4th – 6th Grade Division

No qualifying entries.

·7th – 9th Grade Division

No qualifying entries.

·10th – 12th Grade Division

First Place – Nicole Jenanian

Second Place – Leandra Patochek

·Best of Competition (all age groups):

Best Artwork – no qualifying entries.

Best Photograph – no qualifying entries.

Best Essay – Leandra Patocheck

Best Display – Nicole Jenanian

Best Poster – Nicole Jenanian

Best of Celebration – Nicole Jenanian